Mr Chattopadhyay accepts patients who wish to fund their own care and those with medical insurance with:





CS Healthcare


Vitality Health

Simply Health


The Exeter

If you are insured with another company, Mr Chattopadhyay can register with them in order for you to make use of your insurance policy.

Mr Chattopadhyay is a Fee Assured Provider – this means he will not charge a supplement on top of the standard fees covered by your insurance provider.

If you will be paying for your care yourself (as opposed to through a private medical insurance company), Mr Chattopadhyay charges the following standard consultation fees:

New appointment£200
Follow up appointment£130

Some minor investigations or procedures can be carried out in the clinic or minor operations room and will incur a charge in addition to the consultation fee. Any additional charges will be explained before carrying out any such procedures.

Please note that additional fees will be charged by the hospital for all internal examinations, investigations and tests. If you require a private (non-NHS) prescription, these also incur a charge as well as the cost of the medication itself.

Listed below are some approximate charges for investigations that you may require as charged by Spire Leicester Hospital. These charges may be subject to change and are provided to you as a rough guide. If you wish to know exact costs these can be requested from Customer Services at Spire Leicester Hospital on 0116 265 3021. Prices may also be obtained from Customer Services at the Nuffield Hospital on 0116 274 3703.



Ultrasound Scan
Trans-abdominal only£260
Trans-abdominal and transvaginal£375
Pelvis & Abdomen£670
Abdomen and pelvis if two areas£1154
With contrast £93
Chest Xray £110


All blood tests are subject to an additional phlebotomy service charge by Spire of £20

Tumour markers (blood tests for cysts):

Alpha fetoprotein £57
Beta HCG£55
CA19.9 £59

Tests for infections:

Chlamydia £90
Gonorrhoea £54
High Vaginal Swab £83
Wound Swab £54
Urine infections £45

Minor Procedures carried out in Outpatient Department (hospital fee only)

Speculum examination£13
Cervical (Pap) Smear£49
Insertion of Intrauterine contraceptive device £300
Replacement of contraceptive device £365
Insertion of Oestrogen implant £200
Insertion of Pessary (for prolapse) £27
Pipelle endometrial biopsy £170
Polypectomy (removal of polyp from cervix) £164
Punch biopsy of cervix £210
Excision of Excess labial tissue £500
Excision of vulval lesion £450
Urine test £27
Urine pregnancy test £35

Common Operations – all inclusive fee (Hospital fee + Consultant fee + Anaesthetist’s fee, pathology + one follow up appointment):

Hysteroscopy and biopsy or polypectomy +/- insertion Mirena IUS £1,990
Diagnostic Laparoscopy and minor treatment £2,865
Therapeutic Laparoscopy £3,180
Hysteroscopic therapeutic procedures (e.g. Novasure, Myosure) £3,245
Ovarian cystectomy £4,495
Salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of one or both tubes and ovaries) £4,350
Vaginal hysterectomy £6,075
Total abdominal hysterectomy (with or without removal of ovaries) £6,145
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