A laparotomy is an incision made in the abdomen (the tummy). It may be across the bikini line but it can be an up and down scar.

Laparotomy is performed for a number of different conditions / problems:

It should not be surprising that surgery for cancer can be some of the most challenging to perform. Subspecialists in gynaecological oncology spend between 2 to 3 years at the end of their routine obstetrics & gynaecology training in a dedicated programme in which they are mentored to learn all aspects of cancer care. During this period they are exposed to very complex surgery which is not just confined to the gynaecological organs. They are also taught bowel, urological and vascular surgery. Successful completion of this training results in an intimate knowledge of the anatomy, careful handling of the tissues, a calm approach to handling intra-operative complications, and an ability to steer the patient through a complicated post-operative phase.

The same discipline exercised for complex cancer surgery is applied to routine gynaecological surgery resulting in favourable outcomes

Mr Chattopadhyay is trained to perform complex open surgery for gynaecological cancer as well as for benign conditions like endometriosis, large fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease.

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